Stay on top of risk and safety management

Use the clever connectivity features in the I_Site application to control access to your equipment, avoid costly damage, and improve your proactive risk management.

Driver management for safer operation

With I_Site you can manage your drivers’ licenses by indicating a validity date for each license. You get an email notification in advance when renewal is due. You can also select individual driver profiles. In combination with impact management you can set up relevant operator training.


Shock monitoring brings down cost

A collision might not only injure drivers and others working in the warehouse, but also cause damage to your smart forklift trucks, equipment, warehouse racking, and goods. Connected smart trucks will get you a full overview of number of collisions registered, when they happened, at which speed, and ultimately – why they happened. This way you can define the root cause of the problem, and prevent similar situations in the future. Immediately after a collision you can make sure a truck slows down to creep speed, and won't perform at full capacity until it has been checked and reset by an authorised person. If the incident is more serious, you can lock out the truck completely.


One step ahead with pre-operational check and safety procedure

I_Site makes it easier for you to keep control over which drivers are allowed to drive certain types of forklifts. To further prevent accidents and make sure that your connected smart trucks are in perfect shape, the I_Site application can also ask authorised employees to run a pre-operational check and a safety procedure before starting up the truck.


Remote control – effective monitoring from anywhere

Keeping track of multiple sites, especially from a distance, is not always that easy. No matter where you are, you need to stay in control and make sure you can take care of every issue as quickly as possible. Thanks to the I_Site mobile application, you can instantly be aware at anytime of what is happening, with the possibility to take action if necessary.


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