Toyota Production System

The Toyota Production System is a lean manufacturing system which entrusts team members with well-defined responsibilities to optimise quality by constantly improving processes and eliminating unnecessary waste in natural, human and corporate resources. TPS influences every aspect of - our organisation and includes a common set of values, knowledge and procedures.

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What TPS means for your business? 

TPS is an essential part of what makes Toyota different and makes Toyota’s products a profitable investment for its customers’ businesses. Toyota’s customers know what to expect when they buy from Toyota – a business partner with the strength and flexibility to meet the needs of a changing market.

Quality inherent in Toyota’s products, thanks to the company’s constant striving for improvement, has direct benefits for their customers

Costs are kept to a minimum thanks to a good return on investment based on the productivity and reliability of Toyota’s products

Delivery is on time, and to the expected standard, allowing Toyota’s customers to plan and maintain their operations successfully

Environmental concerns are shared by Toyota and its customers, from manufacturing through to recycling at end-of-life. Choosing Toyota products is a good choice for the environment

Safety is Toyota’s constant concern – both for its employees and for those of its customers. Toyota’s processes and products have safety built-in, with clear benefits for productivity and cost

Just-in-Time – smooth, continuous, optimised workflows

Just-in-time production relies on finely tuned processes in the assembly sequence using only the quantities of items required, only when they are needed.

We hereby create a smooth workflow with carefully planned work-cycle times and on-demand movement of goods. Not only does this process reduce the cost of wasted time, resulting in a timely delivery, but it also allows team members to concentrate on their tasks without interruption.

Jidoka – building in quality

The TPS principle of jidoka integrates quality checks into each step of the production process. Jidoka ensures that all abnormalities are made visible and addressed immediately.

TPS empowers each Toyota team member to do quality checks, fix any defects and interrupt the production process to send the product back if necessary. This way, the customers not only receive high-quality products on delivery, but also enjoy a greater return on their investment.

Kaizen – improvement is a continuous process

The philosophy of kaizen is one of our core values. It means ‘continuous improvement’ and suggests that no process can ever be declared perfect but it can always be improved. 

With this principle, we offer our customers excellent products that use advanced and reliable technologies.  Since 2006, we have managed to decrease the number of incorrect trucks before delivery by 58% and to bring down warranty costs by 54%. 

TPS is concerned with Health and Safety

Safety is the focus in all of the complementary philosophies and practices that make up TPS. Our manufacturing sites have achieved OHSAS 18001 certification – the international standard for occupational health and safety management. 

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