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Mast Guide

Follow our Mast Guide below that explains the differences between the different types of trucks masts. 

What type of mast do you need for your truck


With a wide range of mast models available how do you make the right choice? Before choosing a mast it’s best to take  height restrictions into consideration:

1. How high do you need to lift?

Locate and measure your highest shelf to understand lift requirements and then add another 150-200 mm to your measurement. The extra space allows a truck operator additional clearance to lift above the rack and avoid dragging the product as it’s loaded or unloaded.

2. How low must your lowered or collapsed mast be?

Some applications call for entering and exiting doorways. Perform a walk-through of your building and measure doorway heights to learn your lowered height requirement. If your application also requires operation on lorries, you need to take the lorry measurements in to consideration too.

3. If you load product onto lorries, do you double-stack?

When working in a confined space the feature called free lift should be considered. The free lift function enables the forks to be lifted to a certain height with the mast at collapsed height.

One of the many ways to keep productivity high in your operation is having the right truck fitted to your specific application and your environment. The type of mast for your truck can already make a difference: so here are the all models you can choose from.

Mono Mast

  • This is a centrally positioned mast.
  • Suitable for low lift heights where the operator often works close to the truck, e.g. when using it as a work table.
  • It is easy to move around the mast with a very small risk of injuries.

Only available on BT Staxio 0.8 t and BT Staxio 1 t Compact

Single-Stage Mast - Simplex

  • This one section mast relies on a single frame and has limited lift height.
  • Maximum mast height remains the same, even during lifting. 
  • A simple solution that suits applications not requiring high lift heights.

Available on BT Staxio 1 t - 1,2 t

Two-Stage Mast - Duplex Tele

  • This mast, with two sections and a centrally located cylinder, is a common for many high-capacity forklifts.
  • Has a free-lift range of 76 mm so it is possible to transport goods horizontally without raising the mast and increasing its minimum height.

  • Suitable for loading and unloading trucks and in low-level applications.

Available on BT Staxio 1 t -2 t

Two-Stage Mast with full view option

Duplex Tele Panoramic View

  • This mast uses two mast sections with two cylinders positioned along the sides.
  • Optimises operator visibility, while rendering fork positioning safe and easy. 
  • Has a free-lift range of 76 mm which enables horizontal transport of goods without raising the mast and increasing its minimum height. It's especially useful if the site has low ceiling clearance or doorways.

Available on BT Staxio 1 t - 2 t

Two-Stage Mast with free lift - Duplex Hi-Lo

  • A two-section mast with maximum free-lift range.
  •  This mast combines high lift heights with a low mast height.

  • Suitable for stacking applications in halls with limited ceiling heights, on covered lorries and places where the truck must pass through doorways with low clearance.

  • Excellent view through this mast.

Available on BT Staxio 1,2 t - 1,4 t

Three-Stage Mast with free lift - Triplex Hi-Lo

  • A three-section mast with maximum free-lift used for high lift heights in combination with the demand for a low minimum mast height.
  • Higher lift height gives you a higher free-lift. 
  • Well suited for stacking applications in operation on covered lorries and most commonly used in distribution centers, warehouses and other high-height applications.

Available on BT Staxio 1,2 t - 1,4 t

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