Proven Innovation
The New BT Reflex 

Pushing standards to new heights

From tilting cabin to 360° steering, from AC power to regenerative braking, from transitional lift control to integrated telematics: Toyota has been class-leading with innovative features over the years. With the new BT Reflex Series, we are setting new benchmarks for safety, ergonomics, and energy efficiency.

Proven innovation


Reach truck drivers are often the best-qualified operators in your team. We help to make their life easier, safer, and more comfortable with a newly designed, ergonomic, and functional driver's compartment.


Our analytics of 10.000 connected trucks proved that Lithium-ion batteries meet reach truck applications demands. So we offer you the choice between 3 energy packs to find the one that fits your operations. A responsible decision for your life cycle cost, productivity, and the environment. 


You can reach new levels in safety, productivity, and efficiency with the BT Reflex smart trucks as standard. Letting only authorised drivers start up the machine in a safe way, and making it easy to connect with I_Site fleet management from Toyota.

Intuitive driver experience

Toyota BT Reflex E-series
New BT Reflex features

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Listen to our R&D Director Gustaf talk about the new intuitive driver compartment.

Lean back, look up

No two drivers are exactly the same, so we set out to design a solution that would be exactly the right height and angle, no matter who’s driving.

For maximum visibility, there is an optional panoramic glass roof. The unique tilting cabin on E-series models is a proven innovation reducing strain. A happy driver is a productive driver.

Next level comfort

The new optional air-suspension seat makes sure drivers can comfortably do the heavy lifting. The cabin floor height can also be easily adjusted at the touch of a button further improving driver ergonomics. 

The essentials

Additional storage, a mobile phone charging point, and even an optional integrated Bluetooth speaker in the roof so you can listen to your favourite music all shift long.

Interactive touchscreen

Toyota BT Reflex touchscreen close up

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Listen to our Software Developer Sandy talk about the new interactive touchscreen.

Access control

The new touchscreen provides easy interaction between truck and driver. Meaning a higher level of safety and productivity. With a pin code or access card, you secure that only authorised drivers can operate the truck. 

Drive control

Not only the essential pre-operational check is included in the new touchscreen interface but also other safety features such as automatic speed control, fork levelling, and centering. Safety first!

Lift mode

While lifting the load the drivers will get continuous updates on lift height, load weight, and fork alignment as well as more critical alerts like overload warnings.


Customise settings

The touchscreen allows you to control settings such as lift height limits and height pre-selection, and other performance parameters important for your operations. 

Intelligent energy packs

Lithium battery

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Listen to our Sales Director Stefan talk about the new intelligent energy packs. 

Li-ion: The way to go

BT Reflex is equipped with Toyota’s own lithium-ion batteries as preferred energy solution. Quick and easy opportunity charging avoids battery changes, so, no need for a charging room. 


Perfect fit

Analytics of 10.000 connected trucks prove that lithium-ion is the preferred energy solution to fit the most intensive reach truck applications. A perfect fit for both you and the environment. 

Double the life time

As with all lithium-ion-based energy systems, it's maintenance-free and less daily care. This gives a higher lifetime which meets the truck life cycle. The working range will depend on the level of charging that takes place during working breaks.

3 different sizes

Good charging disciplines can enable trucks with even the smallest energy pack to work around the clock. But for maximum flexibility, we offer 3 different options

  • Standard Pack
  • Intensive Pack 
  • Max Pack

Insights with I_Site

Only authorised drivers

Creating unique driver profiles with PIN code in the I_Site portal ensures only trained and authorised drivers have access and can operate your machines. Or you can use Smart Access cards, nicely integrated into the driver interface

Increase safety

Pre-operational check is a smart I_Site feature that is included in the BT Reflex driver interface to make sure an automated check is done by your drivers before every shift – improving reliability and safety.

Messages via the truck

This I_Site feature allows easy sending of messages to and from the truck via the new driver interface. For example, the driver can send an alert in the event of a problem, and a service technician can send a message to the driver to request a return to base.

Manage impacts

Shock sensors on the BT Reflex provide information on collisions. Insights via I-Site fleet management on the incident and driver can help to prevent and avoid damage to your connected smart trucks and infrastructure – for a safer and more cost-efficient operation.

Meet the new Reflex family

BT Reflex R-series

High performance

  • Lift height: Up to 13 m
  • Lift capacity: Up to 2,5 t
  • Excellent stability and transitional lift control

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BT Reflex E-series

With tilting cab

  • Lift height: Up to 13 m
  • Lift capacity: Up to 2,5 t
  • Reduces the risk of strain for the driver

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BT Reflex O-series

Indoor & outdoor

  • Lift height: Up to 7,5m
  • Lift capacity: Up to 1,6 t
  • Durable wheels and high ground clearance

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