Lean advisory

Our Lean advisory services are designed for businesses that have already established a lean approach in their operations, with dedicated expertise. If you have already a few years of experience working with lean, but want to achieve better results, we can advise you on the next steps to take and support you further.

The Lean advisory programme dedicates a lean specialist to work within the established customer processes, to provide an external perspective and strategic roadmap for continuous improvement with the target to increase the efficiency of the customers lean activities. This may include recommended staff training, development of a kaizen plan, implementation support, and simply coaching in what is required from you.

The steps for each advisory part are unique to your business and challenges. For example, if you wish to develop in the area of Lean leadership, then we will design a setup to observe and assess your operation and give advice accordingly.

Selected members of TLA have extensive hands-on lean leadership experience from inside Toyota and have personally been involved in the transformation journey of the European factories' integration.

The lean advisory programme takes on average 6-12 months of which 30 days are spent with Toyota Lean Academy advisors.

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