Toyota Material Handling Europe actively support refugees. Truck deliveries to Russia and Belarus stopped.

Toyota Material Handling Europe is following with great concern the conflict taking place in Europe. We call for an immediate stop to the war. To support and show solidarity with the war victims and refugees we are donating 500,000 euros to the International Red Cross.

Other companies within the Toyota family are taking additional and similar actions and we encourage our employees, customers and partners to join us in the effort. We are also actively investigating the possibilities to support established organisations and companies that are handling the refugee and humanitarian catastrophe at hand with our core competencies and other assets.  

Our priority in dealing with the crisis is to ensure the safety of people – our own employees, customers and partners.  

Toyota Material Handling Europe has no production or own subsidiaries in Ukraine. Our business in Ukraine is conducted via an Independent distributor and this operation has been shut down due to the circumstances. We are in frequent contact with the company and its people, offering our active support where possible. 

We have a fully owned Marketing and Sales Company in Russia employing 101 people. Our deliveries of trucks to Russia and our external partner in Belarus are stopped since early week 9. 

Toyota Material Handling Europeoperate a dedicated senior taskforce to monitor and act on any further development. An active and continuous mitigation of risks to the supply chain of raw material, components and ready products to and from our factories, logistics hubs and sales companies throughout Europe is ongoing. So far and at this stage, disturbances related to the conflict and the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus has no tangible effects on our production. 

For more information, please contact:

Jonas Lindell
Director Corporate Communications 
Toyota Material Handling Europe
Tel.: +46 70 351 24 38


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