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Why Toyota?

Quality and reliability, always

We design all our trucks with innovation in mind, and continue to invest in research and development. Our trucks are produced according to the Toyota Production System, with over 95% in our own European factories in Sweden, France and Italy. You can rest assured the trucks you buy from us are tested extensively and serviced throughout their lifetime by us according to the Toyota Service Concept, to guarantee you quality.

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  • For our customers
  • For our employees
  • For our environment

We strive to be a sustainable business, and we help our customers to achieve this as well. That’s why we cooperate for a safe, healthy and environmentally conscious work environment, both for our employees, our customers and suppliers. Our Code of Conduct is one of the many ways we try to achieve this.

Learn more about our sustainability approach >

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Financial strength to support you

  • Flexible
  • Customised to your needs
  • No third party involved

We aim to be the sales finance provider of choice by responding to your needs. We collaborate with sales and provide expertise in developing and integrating financial offers in the sales process. As a reliable business partner we can offer you global financial resources of the Toyota Industries Group, so you will be in direct contact with us. This allows us to be flexible when it comes to your contract, with customised deals for your investment.

What can you do for us?

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Join the team!

  • Discover our opportunities
  • As a student or future employee
  • In a Toyota team close to you

We are always looking to optimise our products and the way we work. And the key is working with people who are as passionate about logistics and technology as us.

More about working at Toyota >

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Join the team

The key to optimise products and the way we work is working with people, as passionate about logistics and technology as us.

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